Sunday, December 21, 2014

Car Free Day

Car Free Day is a program launched by Jakarta Government. This program was used to increase people awareness about environment. At First, Car Free Day was conducted by Nonprofit Organization in environment sector on 23 Mei 2002.

At the Car Free Day, people prohibited to use their vehicle to cross the road which joined by those program. This program conducts on several hours from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. However public transportation, such as Transjakarta, can still cross the road on Car Free Day.

People can breathe fresh air and socialize with other people. Many occasions held on Car Free Day such as bazaar, aerobic and sometimes singing competition. People using bicycle or running while Car Free Day.

Nowadays, Car Free Day has different than previously. It was held just once a month, but now it held two or four time in a month.  The additional of working hour of Car Free Day as an answer of people who wants to enjoy Jakarta without many vehicles. 

Unfortunately Car Free Day is not good  for some people. For example Metromini driver or Taxi driver has decreasing income because they can’t cross several roads. Many people who want to go somewhere quickly has been hampered because of Car Free Day. Many businessman has also failed their tight schedule due to they can’t cross several roads.

Car Free Day has positive and negative impact. Comparing both of them, Car Free Day has many positive impact than negative impact. Peoples of Jakarta has the best time to explore the beauty of this capitol and breathe the fresh air without facing traffic jam. Hopefully Jakarta Government can continue and expand Car Free Day to other major road in Jakarta.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Public Transportation in Jakarta

In big cities like Jakarta, time is an expensive thing. Many employees in Jakarta struggle every day from their home to their office. They stuck in a jungle of traffic in the morning and in the evening. Everyone use many kind of transportation during their travel to the office. Some people use car or motorcycles. Another people use public transportation.

Mostly, people who are work in Jakarta come from areas surrounding Jakarta like Bekasi, Tangerang, Bogor, Depok etc. They wake up early morning to take on bus or train which will bring him to Sudirman, Gatot Subroto or Kuningan. Highly demand in public transportation unfortunately is not come with excellent services.  Train is almost always going delay every day.  Bus is not comfort transportation for travelling. Even Transjakarta Bus is not friendly for women because of criminal harassment.

Using car or public transportation is a choice. For people who is using car, they prefer do that because of the lack of public transportation in their resident. Using car is more comfortable than any public transportation. But, for people who have easy access to train station or terminal they choose using public transportation going to their work. Using it is sometimes faster than private car. They can continue their sleep at the bus during their travelling from Bogor to Jakarta.

Nowadays, Jakarta government is ready to develop many of public transportation as much as other cities in South East Asia. The planning of Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Jakarta will be stretch approximately ±110.8 km, consists of Southern corridor to Northern corridor (Lebak Bulus - Kampung Bandan) about ±23.8 km and Eastern corridor to Western corridor about ±87 km.

Today, PT MRT Jakarta still doing first part of Southern corridor to Northern corridor which connecting Lebak Bulus – Bundaran HI. This line consists of 7 elevated stations and 6 underground stations which are targeted to operate by 2018.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Alexa Rank in e-Commerce

Alexa is main tools for everyone who want to be success in e-commerce. Sites with higher alexa rank is a sign that those site have regular visitor. Advertiser usually see the Alexa rank for each site before take decision to put his money.

To get higher alexa rank among the others, there are no other things to do. Yet, you must write, update and upload into your blogs or sites everyday. So that, alexa will 'value' your sites in the term of Alexa Rank.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Fuel Subsidy in Indonesia

Fuel Subsidy in Indonesia becomes larger since several years. Comparing with Indonesian Budget, fuel subsidy is approximately 20% from the total budget. Growing fuel and electricity subsidies in Indonesia burden its economy to climb up to be middle up country. Nowadays, many countries in Asia abandon fuel subsidy due to many reasons.

Subsidy by definition is something given to poor people to help him increase standard of living. From this definition, subsidy is not given to many people. Subsidy is also given to straight forward to people, not to consumable product like fuel.

This cause fuel subsidy is not on the goals. Rich people with luxurious car also take a queue in the gas station to consume premium gasoline. Habitual of Indonesian people to consume cheap fuel make them waste fuel. They forget that gasoline in sometime will be gone. Oil production in Indonesia decreases dramatically due to lack of new invention in exploration field.

Indonesian Government set fuel subsidy based on Mid Oil Plats Singapore (MOPS) + Alpha. Alpha is margin given to Pertamina and other company which has duty to distribute fuel around Indonesia. Theirs cost of production have not to exceed alpha.  This cost of production consists of exploration cost, refinery cost and distribution cost.

 In 2014 based on National Budget revision (APBNP), target of fuel subsidy is 46 million KL. This number is larger than actual fuel subsidy consumption in 2013 by 44 million KL. Total number of fuel subsidy is around 300 trillion. This fantastic number can switch to another need like transportation, education, infrastructure and many more.

Now, Indonesian Government struggle to keep fuel subsidy consumption not to exceed 46 million KL until 31 December 2014. They make policy to restrict purchase of premium and solar in some gas station. Pertamina and PT INTI are installing fuel restriction tools (called RFID) as an another way to restrict purchase of fuel.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The widespread use of the Internet

The widespread use of the Internet has given people access to information on a level never experienced before. This has increasing on availability of information influence life in today’s world. Many people as nowadays has more familiar in internet than before people in 90s. People access internet in many media such as on their working computer, personal laptop, public areas or even in their smartphone.

People usually using internet to access information related to their work or hobbies.   For example in many years ago, if someone wants to become a singer they have to win a singing competition. But at nowadays, everybody could be a singer with uploading their singing skills at Youtube. A talented younger singer, Justin Bieber, started his music career when his mom uploaded Justin’s video. After that, international famous artist, Usher has realized his talent and offering Justine a recording album. Becoming Youtube Artist is a cheap-but-fast tools to become artist in real world. Youtube phenomenon has also give significant impact to spreading information. Many TV uploading video about their TV programs. They hope may people like this video and want to see it in the real TV.

Internet has also make people cooking’s skill has increased. People who have never experienced cooking skill can cook anything with the information in the internet. The recipes from traditional food to modern food are now available in the internet. Cook from around the world publish their recipe in the internet.

In the internet people has also long distance learning from another country. Many of world class universities now conduct distance learning on free of charge. People can choose major subject as they like from University of Oxford, Cambridge or Harvard. They can read literature in campus website. In some of the occasions, lecturer conduct public courses online so people can participate on it.